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內褲3件 NT$ 1990 / 5件 NT$ 3190(款式、顏色不限)

Free Shipping over NT$ 1980

Return Policy


URBAN CREW provides a thoughtful return service, and promises that within 7 days from the date the customer signs for the product (subject to the date of receipt of the courier), if there is any dissatisfaction with the product, URBAN CREW will provide a return service (except intimate clothing)

Return method: private message official website or URBAN CREW fan group, there will be a specialist to serve you and handle subsequent returns and exchanges

You can go to the private message to inquire, and someone will serve you: https://m.me/586020625403705?ref=EdhQG5rbJ-

Or call: 033569973#206

※The 7-day appreciation period is based on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. Customers (including themselves, relatives, friends, or administrators, etc.) can return the product unconditionally for 7 days from the next day after signing for the product. commodity

[Unpacked underwear, swimsuits, bras, pantyhose, socks, leggings and other personal intimate clothing products are not limited here]

1. Notes on returns:

1. Please ensure the integrity of the returned product, that is, the product must maintain the original quality and function, and the product itself, accessories, trademarks and tags are complete. Set products please return the whole set.

2. When returning the product, please return the product itself, tags, accessories, physical gifts, and product packaging (excluding cartons and courier bags).

3. The electronic points given for this shopping will be automatically deducted after successful returns.

4. If you choose to pick up the goods at the supermarket, please go to the convenience store to pick up the goods as soon as possible after the arrival. Counting from the date of arrival, if the delivery is not completed within 7 days, the product you ordered will be returned.

2. Returns are not accepted under the following circumstances:

1. For safety and sanitation considerations and in accordance with the principle of reasonable exceptions to the right to cancel communication transactions in Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, unpacked underwear, swimsuits, bras, pantyhose, socks, leggings and other personal Underwear products.

2. Products that have been washed, worn, or soiled or damaged due to your personal reasons.

3. Products whose labels, such as trademark labels and washing labels, have been removed or cut.

4. Not the product itself, but other items or gifts that come with the order.

5. Products that have exceeded the return processing time limit.

3. Other matters needing attention:

1. Partial returns are not accepted for set products.

2. Taiwan orders do not handle replacement. If you need to replace the product due to quality problems, we will handle it for you according to the return process and give you a shipping coupon. Place an order within the month and select the product you need to exchange for purchase, without having to bear the shipping fee for this purchase.