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內褲 3件 NTD 1990 / 5件 NTD 3190 (不限款式、顏色)

購買3件內褲,即贈1雙 crew socks (款式、顏色隨機)

Free Shipping over NTD 1980


Day 32

Day32 是現實生活中不存在的一天,但在這裡是存在的。隱喻著悠緩的步調、同時有質感與樂趣的生活。這個專案定期推出極限量、特色商品,不會再進行補貨,此系列稱作 Day32。 It's a Exclusive Release project distinguished by its unusual design and limited edition. Although this date does not exist in the real world, we can anticipate a plethora of intriguing events to unfold within its confines. 


指定盒裝服務:在平凡上增添意義,可指定下身內著的「腰頭標籤」「外盒」數字。替自己的衣物縫上故事Numbers are the quietest stories. Designated Boxed Service: Adding meaning to the ordinary, you can specify the numbers for the "waistband tag" and "outer box" of the lower body undergarments. Sew a story onto your own clothing.


(1)凡消費滿 3000元,贈限定提袋


-尺寸 寬265 深度110高度 350 (mm)







(1) 於內褲商品頁,點選「加購優惠欄位」
(2) 結帳時於訂單備註「顏色」、「尺寸」、「數字」。例如:黑色/L/ 5 
(3) 即可收到腰頭數字標、指定數字盒(一致數字)